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Built Environment Team

The Built Environment Team’s goal is to decarbonize the built environment by promoting the benefits of all-electric building and advocating for code changes to make all buildings more energy efficient.
We are starting to work on a plan to promote and implement an integrated energy efficiency, resilience-building, EV-promoting program with support from other Napa-based NGOs, neighborhood by

Regenerative Practice team

The Regenerative Practice Team’s goal is to work with other organizations to educate and spread the message to the public about the capacity of the soil to become a carbon sink that can greatly help to address climate change by drawing down carbon and sequestering it there.

Communications Team

The Communications Team’s goal is to get Napa Climate NOW’s message out (educating members and the public about the importance of taking action on the climate emergency and how to do it), as well as to provide advertising support for Issue Teams and Committees.

Justice and Sustainability

The Justice and Sustainability goal is developing a strategy to network with community groups, especially historically underrepresented groups, in Napa County in order to advance climate equity. 

Forest Protection Team

Napa Climate NOW’s Forest Protection Team’s goals is to strengthen protections for forest climate services in Napa County.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Phase Out

Napa Climate NOW’s Gas Powered Leaf Blower Phase Out Team’s goal is to work toward a just, equitable transition away from the use of gas powered leaf blowers in the City of Napa.


Waste Reduction Team

Napa Climate NOW’s Waste Reduction Team’s goal is to take actions to reduce landfilling (waste) as steps in the right direction to lower GHG emissions and address climate change.

Government Accountability Team

We monitor and interface with our elected representatives at the local, state and, sometimes, federal government levels regarding all things related to climate change. Our goal is to educate them and hold them accountable for their actions in the following ways: