Napa Climate NOW’s Waste reduction Team


The Waste Reduction Issue Team views waste reduction as a path to greenhouse gas reduction. The group works to mitigate the local and global climate impacts of waste and has worked on two issues to date: to reduce the use of disposable foodware and increase residential composting. Team members will continue to identify issues related to waste reduction that can be acted upon locally.

Learn more about the Reusable Foodware and Waste Reduction Ordinance. 

For more information on the work of the Waste Reduction Issue Team or to join its efforts, contact Bob Figoni at

Waste Reduction Team Members:

  • Bob Figoni, Chair
  • Naama Brenner-Abramovitch
  • Marie Dolcini
  • Margret Smetana
  • Grania Lindberg
  • Ingrid Schubert
  • Lynne Baker
  • Chris Benz
  • Janet Gotch
  • Gwyneth McCay
  • Ashley Boudet
  • Sharon Lampton
  • Neil Watter
  • Maddie Chandler
  • Vaughn Wittman
  • Linda Dietiker-Yolo
  • Maryanne Perlmutter
  • Cameron Shaw
  • Karin Troedsson

350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer

Learn about our new Earth Friendly recognition program for eateries and drinkeries that use responsible foodware and take additional measures to reduce their footprint.