Napa Climate NOW! Introduces 'Earth-Friendly Eatery/Drinkery’ Program

From fancy and famous to “grab and go” and delivery, Napa Valley offers a broad range of options for enjoying food and drink, and as a world-renowned food and wine destination has become synonymous with setting a higher standard. Napa Climate NOW!’s Waste Reduction Issue Team thinks it’s high time for that standard to be extended to the plate itself and has launched an eye-catching “Earth-Friendly” badge of honor to recognize and promote establishments that commit to more sustainable foodware practices. 

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About US

Napa Climate NOW! is a grassroots, non-partisan group of concerned Napa residents. We advocate a just and socially equitable transition to clean energy, reducing emissions of highly potent climate pollutants, restoring natural climate systems, safeguarding oceans, seas, rivers and other waterways, protecting land and sea ice, and preventing harm due to climate change to the health and well-being of all life on earth. 


We are committed to efforts to stabilize the climate by 2030 and ultimately, to restore the climate for the generations yet to come.

The work we do, the education we provide and the information we share are based on the latest climate science.

Napa Climate NOW! is an affiliate of 350 Bay Area.

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Vintage High rain garden helps protect the watershed

By Linda Joshua, February 10, 2024

As Napa’s population has expanded, trees and open space have been replaced with roads, driveways, rooftops, and other hard surfaces that restrict the ability of rainwater to soak into the soil. Runoff from impervious surfaces is an increasing source of pollution. At the same time, current climate models predict our region will experience periods of intense precipitation patterns and flooding.

Exploring Sustainability with a Glass of Wine

By Chris Benz, January 27, 2024

Ray Isle, the longtime executive wine editor at Food & Wine magazine, didn’t grow up in a culture of wine, but he did grow up with a love of camping, an interest in ecology, and a growing concern about human impact on the planet.

So, it’s not surprising that his first book, “The World in a Wineglass: The Insider’s Guide to Artisanal, Sustainable, Extraordinary Wines to Drink Now,” tells the stories behind wines and winemakers around the world “whose grapes are grown with care and concern for the environment.” 

The Napa Valley Climate Connection: Green Screen Film Series Comes to Napa County Libraries

By Chris Benz, January 13, 2024

This month the Green Screen Film Series debuts at the Napa County Library. Free to all, these monthly screenings will alternate between the Napa branch and the American Canyon branch, starting with a 2 p.m. showing on Sunday, Jan. 28, at the Napa Library

Book Review: 'California Against the Sea' by Rosanna Xia

By Elayna Trucker, December 29, 2023

It’s a curious thing, to live at the edge of an ocean. I’m often drawn to sit and watch the tides move in and out, to listen to the pervasive crash and hum of billions of gallons of water sloshing around our planet, to contemplate how each grain of sand on the beach used to be a rock, maybe even a boulder, until the inexorable beat of water wore it down to an infinitesimal speck.

Check out modern electric appliances at SCP Advanced Energy Center

By Marilyn Knight-Mendelson, December 16, 2023

As the climate becomes more unpredictable, you may be considering opting for less-polluting, energy-efficient appliances and systems in your home. I am! But the task can seem overwhelming! We have the solution!

Sustainable wrapping ideas to celebrate the holidays

By Linda Joshua, December 2, 2023

The holiday season is such a festive time, but when it comes to gift giving your heart may sink a little when you see the piles of paper and ribbons going into the trash. Let’s explore more eco-friendly gift wrap.

Clif Family--taking a holistic approach to sustainability

By Chris Benz, November 18, 2023

As the 2023 harvest winds down, it’s a good time to examine efforts being made in Napa’s wine industry to reduce climate impact and adopt sustainable practices.

A personal energy transition journey

By Linda Joshua, published November 4, 2023

As the drumbeat of news related to climate change continues, many of us want to know how we can become more energy efficient cost effectively. We now understand that our own behavior is a key component in the practical implementation of change. So, I am on a journey to do what I can to make our household as efficient as possible.

Fight High Energy Bills and Climate Change this Winter

By Dave Garti, published October 21, 2023


As the days get shorter, we’re all starting to pull out our sweaters and prepare for the changing season. Napa Climate NOW! invited Dave Garti, Community Development Manager at MCE, to share tips with Climate Connection’s readers for minimizing our carbon footprints in the coming months. 

Small Steps Matter

By Linda Brown, published October 7, 2023

Remember “50 Simple Things to Save the Earth”? Published in 1989, the book arrived just as the first major green marketing wave was taking off, in time for the much-heralded 20th anniversary of Earth Day. It caught the imagination of the public, and millions of copies sold.

Preserving our marshes is a key climate strategy

By Elayna Trucker, published September 23, 2023

This article discusses the importance of preserving marshes as we make SR 37 resilient to sea level rise.