Napa Climate NOW! Introduces 'Earth-Friendly Eatery/Drinkery’ Program

From fancy and famous to “grab and go” and delivery, Napa Valley offers a broad range of options for enjoying food and drink, and as a world-renowned food and wine destination has become synonymous with setting a higher standard. Napa Climate NOW!’s Waste Reduction Issue Team thinks it’s high time for that standard to be extended to the plate itself and has launched an eye-catching “Earth-Friendly” badge of honor to recognize and promote establishments that commit to more sustainable foodware practices. 

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About US

Napa Climate NOW! is a grassroots, non-partisan group of concerned Napa residents. We advocate a just and socially equitable transition to clean energy, reducing emissions of highly potent climate pollutants, restoring natural climate systems, safeguarding oceans, seas, rivers and other waterways, protecting land and sea ice, and preventing harm due to climate change to the health and well-being of all life on earth. 


We are committed to efforts to stabilize the climate by 2030 and ultimately, to restore the climate for the generations yet to come.

The work we do, the education we provide and the information we share are based on the latest climate science.

Napa Climate NOW! is an affiliate of 350 Bay Area.

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A personal energy transition journey

By Linda Joshua, published November 4, 2023

As the drumbeat of news related to climate change continues, many of us want to know how we can become more energy efficient cost effectively. We now understand that our own behavior is a key component in the practical implementation of change. So, I am on a journey to do what I can to make our household as efficient as possible.

Fight High Energy Bills and Climate Change this Winter

By Dave Garti, published October 21, 2023


As the days get shorter, we’re all starting to pull out our sweaters and prepare for the changing season. Napa Climate NOW! invited Dave Garti, Community Development Manager at MCE, to share tips with Climate Connection’s readers for minimizing our carbon footprints in the coming months. 

Small Steps Matter

By Linda Brown, published October 7, 2023

Remember “50 Simple Things to Save the Earth”? Published in 1989, the book arrived just as the first major green marketing wave was taking off, in time for the much-heralded 20th anniversary of Earth Day. It caught the imagination of the public, and millions of copies sold.

Preserving our marshes is a key climate strategy

By Elayna Trucker, published September 23, 2023

This article discusses the importance of preserving marshes as we make SR 37 resilient to sea level rise.

Leaf Blower Rebate Program is Accelerating Climate-Friendly Transition

September 11, 2023

The City of Napa has given a boost to local landscapers who want to replace noisy, polluting gasoline-powered leaf blowers with the new quieter and cleaner battery-powered models.

Paying Attention to Our “Short-Lived” Climate Pollutants

August 25, 2023

A long-awaited final report on a special group of climate pollutants called “short-lived climate pollutants has arrived.