Recognizing Responsible Foodware and Waste reduction efforts


Businesses can receive an “Earth-Friendly” window decal by completing the following steps: 


  1. Use only reusable foodware* for onsite dining. (*Foodware includes dinnerware, drinkware, silverware, containers, and other items as defined in the proposed Foodware/Waste Reduction Ordinance.)
  2. Provide disposable foodware by request only for takeout/to-go orders.
  3. Use only natural fiber-based compostable and BPI-certified (or other third-party certified) disposable foodware, free of “forever chemicals,” for takeout/to-go orders.
  4. Apply a standard charge at point of sale for disposable foodware items. (Such as a 25¢ charge per cup, container, or bag as outlined in the proposed Foodware/Waste Reduction Ordinance.) 
  5. Allow takeout/to-go orders in customer-provided reusable foodware and apply a standard discount when they do. (Such as a 25¢ discount per cup, container, or bag, as outlined in the proposed Foodware/Waste Reduction Ordinance.)
  6. Follow “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (compost)” practices throughout establishment before sending any waste material to landfill; include proper, standardized labels on receptacles.
  7. Use only paper bags or customer-provided bags for takeout/to-go orders.

ADDITIONAL STEPS (Choose at least 3) 

  1. Prioritize working with local vendors, when possible.
  2. Reduce water consumption in front and back of the house. (i.e. Install low-flow faucets and toilets and auto-off faucet; Offer drinking water by request only; Don’t hose down outside to reduce urban runoff.)
  3. Use non-toxic cleaners.
  4. Conserve energy. (i.e. Upgrade lighting and equipment to save energy; switch to LED lighting; install solar panels; use Energy Star-certified appliances.)
  5. Follow other climate-oriented business practices. (i.e. Offer transit vouchers to employees and install bike racks to encourage alternative transport; Reduce food waste by donating excess to food recovery organizations; Make the switch from fossil fuel by choosing the “deep green” renewable energy option offered by MCE through PG&E.)
  6. Sell beverages that are not in plastic bottles. 
  7. Sell/rent for deposit reusables on site. (i.e. foodware containers, travel mugs/cups, bags.) 

Decals now available for eateries and drinkeries in Napa County meeting our program requirements. 

Press Release

‘Earth-Friendly’ Decals Promote Climate-minded Businesses

A New Designation for Drinking and Dining with Greater Peace of Mind

November 1, 2022 – From fancy and famous to “grab and go” and delivery, Napa Valley offers a broad range of options for enjoying food and drink, and as a world-renowned food and wine destination has become synonymous with setting a higher standard. Napa Climate NOW!’s Waste Reduction Issue Team thinks it’s high time for that standard to be extended to the plate itself and has launched an eye-catching “Earth-Friendly” badge of honor to recognize and promote establishments that commit to more sustainable foodware practices. 

For more information and/or to request your decal fill out the Napa Climate NOW! Waste Reduction Issue Team request form below. 

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