Get Involved

Find ways to take action at home in  Napa, in the county, and beyond!

As an individual…

Volunteer for an NCN Position

Search our list of volunteer opportunities (or suggest your own volunteer position). We’d love to match your skills to the needs in our community! Check out the opportunities. 

Sign Up for MCE's Deep Green Program

Taking this one action could drastically reduce your carbon footprint  with just a few clicks of a button.

Host a Climate Action Speaker

 Are you hosting  an event? What about inviting your neighbors over to learn more about local issues? Sign up to have a Napa Climate NOW! speaker come tell you more.

Be a Voice For Climate Change

We are looking for story suggestions  from our community. Please  share your story here. 

In the city and surrounding area…

Weigh in ON local issues

Check out our current initiatives and show up or write in to show your support for the most pressing issues. 


This county-wide effort requires in person support and your active engagement. 

Divest From Fossil Fuels

Divesting our savings and investments from fossil fuels can be a powerful tool to influence the sustainable revolution. Find out more at fossilfreefunds.