Volunteer opportunities

We’re looking for people in our community who can help us achieve our goals. Become part of our team! Sign up for us to reach out to you based on your specific interests or skills or pick one of the existing volunteer opportunities that’s available right now. 

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Comment for Your Community

We’ll make it easy for you to comment on climate issues being discussed by our local and state electeds.  You’ll be given talking points for the issue and we’ll let you know how to send your comments in.  Remember, our electeds want—and NEED—to hear from us.   Contact  Chris Benz at christinabbenz@gmail.com to be put on the list of Community Commenters.

Database coordinator for Google Docs

HELP WANTED! Do you have experience with Google Docs or spreadsheet management?  As Napa Climate Now grows and initiates more projects, we need our administrative system to keep up!  We need help establishing and maintaining logs of our communication with elected officials and community organizations. Time commitment is 1-2 hours per month.  Fill out the form on the contact us page.

Political Action

Get involved in the exciting process of helping to create and champion policy to move us forward on our path to solving the climate crisis.  Write to representatives, speak at public meetings, meet with local elected officials and champion state legislation.  Time commitment is flexible!  Contact Chris Benz at christinabbenz@gmail.com

Forest Preservation Committee

Profrestation – growing existing forests intact to their ecological potential – is a scalable near-term climate stabilization solution available now to begin drawdown of greenhouse gases over the decade ahead.  Currently, the Forest Protection Committee is urging local governments to adopt a resolution (“Time Out For Trees”) ordering a temporary moratorium on approving forest and woodland removal until mitigation measures for conversion are strengthened and we need new members for our committee. To join, contact Jim Wilson at jplaudatosi@gmail.com

Volunteers for Top Priorities-Waste Reduction

We have been successfully working towards getting all of Napa County involved in Food Waste composting.  Next up-increase participation and start working on reducing single-use plastics.  Time commitment is flexible.  Contact Bob Figoni at bobfigoni1@gmail.com

Join Any of Our Initiative Teams

We’re looking for support of all kinds on our issues teams. Find out more here.