Napa Climate NOW’s Communications Team


Napa Climate NOW’s Communications Team’s goal is to get NCN!’s message out (educating NCN! members and the public about the importance of taking action on the climate emergency and how to do it), as well as to provide advertising support for Issue Teams and Committees.

 Our role is to:

  • to disseminate NCN!’s bi-monthly email newsletter, including ways to get involved and interesting articles on the climate emergency and maintaining other forms of digital communication

  • to publish NCN!’s Climate Connections articles in the Napa Register every other week, with a primary focus on local climate actions

  • regular updates to training resources, events, updates through the website
  • maintain connection with the community through social media on Facebook and Instagram
  • support climate action campaigns of our Issue Teams and Committees.

    To join the Communications Team, get in touch with Sharon Parham at 

    350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer