Napa Climate NOW’s Regenerative Practice Team


Napa Climate NOW’s Regenerative Practice Team’s goals is to work with other organizations to educate and spread the message to the public about the capacity of the soil to become a carbon sink that can greatly help to address climate change by drawing down carbon and sequestering it there.

Our role is to:

  • To continue to support Napa Green Land Certification development
  • To collaborate with Master Gardeners re: Carbon Sequestration in Soil Education
  • To partner with Sierra Club to learn more about how climate change will impact groundwater and sustainability
  • To research how to promote Napa City composting, with a goal of 100% participation
  • To teach / provide composting education in schools
  • To work with local landscape maintenance businesses to promote regenerative practices

    To join the Regenerative Practice Team, get in touch with Marilyn Knight-Mendelson at

    350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer