Napa Climate NOW’s Built Environment Team

The Built Environment Team’s goal is to decarbonize the built environment by promoting the benefits of all-electric building and advocating for code changes to make all buildings more energy efficient.

We are starting to work on a plan to promote and implement an integrated energy efficiency, resilience-building, EV-promoting program with support from other Napa-based NGOs, neighborhood by neighborhood.

To join the Built Environment Team, get in touch with Chris Benz

Here are some resources to make your home more efficient.

PG&E Energy Savings Assistance Program

This program offers free upgrades for customers living in a house, mobile home or apartment that is at least five years old. It is available for low-income residents or those receiving government assistance. The program is administered by CHOC Energy in Vacaville and provides energy upgrades that include installing insulation, repairing or replacing the furnace or water heater, and replacing old refrigerators and washing machines.



MCE’s Home Energy Savings Program

This program offers free upgrades for moderate income homeowners or renters in 2-4-unit buildings who don’t qualify for low-income assistance but can’t afford to make energy upgrades on their own. It is focused on home heating, cooling and water heating because this accounts for more than half of a home’s energy costs.


BayREN Home+ Program

BayREN provides rebates for home energy improvements and does not require that participants be income qualified. Rebates are also offered for a Home Energy Score assessment, which gives recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Rebates are available for insulation (up to $1,000), duct replacement (up to $800), heat pumps ($1000), heat pump water heaters ($1,000), and other upgrades. Upgrades must be done by a BayREN qualified contractor.


Electrify My Home

This business specializes in installing heat pumps and heat pump water heaters as retrofits and remodels rather than new construction. Founder and CEO Larry Waters explains, “We start with an energy audit and then take into account future electrification needs as well as the current plans of the homeowner. Then we use the proper load calculations to determine the exact heating and cooling load of the entire home.”


Sonoma Clean Power’s Advanced Energy Center

A storefront at 741 4th Street, Santa Rosa where you can explore clean energy products for your home, including induction cooktops and heat pump water heaters.

The Education Hub features articles on the new technologies and what to look for.