Government Accountability Team


We monitor and interface with our elected representatives at the local, state and, sometimes, federal government levels regarding all things related to climate change. Our goal is to educate them and hold them accountable for their actions in the following ways:

  • Systematic review of local government agendas to identify key issues and offer public comments at public meetings.  For significant matters, activate our Call-to-Action Network, recruit individuals to attend and speak up at meetings, and coordinate with the Communications committee to write letters to the editor, opinion pieces for local media, and content for our website and social media.
  • Conduct research and compile information and data that can be communicated directly to elected officials and their staffs.  For example, we have provided education and recommendations to the countywide Climate Action Committee, assisted the City of Napa’s General Plan Advisory Committee by creating an initial draft of the Climate Element, supported information requests from the Calistoga Green Team, and served on the City of American Canyon’s Ad Hoc Climate Committee. 
  • Prepare questionnaires and interview candidates running for office to learn more about their positions as they relate to our core goals, then publish results to educate the public about their positions.  For instance, this spring (2022), we will be sponsoring a candidates’ forum in cooperation with the Napa Housing Coalition. 

350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer