Napa Climate NOW’s Gas Powered Leaf Blower Phase Out Team


The Gas-Powered Leaf Blower (GPLB) Ban Team’s goal is to phase out the use of this equipment throughout Napa County and replace with quieter, healthier electric equipment, rakes or brooms. GPLBs create significant noise and air pollution – emitting high decibel, low-frequency sound that travels through walls and across neighborhoods, generating smog compounds and greenhouse gases, and suspending fine particulate matter such as dust, mold, feces, and pesticides.

Our role is to:

  • To educate the community on GPLB’s high levels of noise and air pollution and the associated health risks
  • To work with Napa County communities to phase out use of GPLBs  
  • To advocate for rebates to offset the cost of purchasing new equipment and to help avoid significant financial impacts on small business owners
  • To illustrate cleaner alternatives and regenerative practices for maintaining landscaping, yards, and gardens

To support the GPLB Ban Team, please sign an online petition for a City of Napa Ban and contact Niki Williams ( or Sharon Parham ( for more information

350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer