Napa Climate NOW! is pleased to introduce our Climate Advocacy Training and it’s specifically geared towards members of our community who are committed to the climate movement, but who also might have full-time jobs, families and other interests. We’re asking you to take this one day out of your year and get all the tools that you’ll ever need to assist you in the fight against climate change. Then you can get back to your regularly scheduled lives.

Tell me if this looks like you. You get up every day and go about your business – maybe you have a commute, maybe you’re working in your garden, maybe you’re caring for loved ones, but throughout the day you read about climate change in the news. You think about the impact that it will have on your friends and families who will be displaced by fires, floods, storms, and more. You worry about whether our government is responding adequately and what it will mean here in Napa. And you’re worried, but you’re not sure what you can do in the little time that you have left in your day… well, we created our programming with you in mind. 

Throughout the course of our Climate Advocacy Training, we’ll give you what you need to be conversant in the science (without having to become a scientist), tools for how to storytell and connect with elected leaders and influencers (without having to become an elected leader), and smart actions that you can take starting that day (that don’t require an overhaul to your budget or lifestyle). We find that these skills easily transfer to the job you might have or other volunteering that you might do. The hope is that you leave with the knowledge and tools to shape public opinion, inspire action in your community, and lead the global fight for solutions.

This program is free of charge, but we do require that all participants apply to participate. If accepted, you’ll join in a few hours of training, as well as free lunch and a happy hour where you’ll get to know some climate scientists, elected leaders in your community, and other Napa neighbors who are concerned about this issue. 

Know someone who might be interested in this program? Apply for two and get one of our sustainable bamboo toothbrushes! Maybe this could be your next date night or guy/gal’s night out?