Climate Advocacy Training


A few times each year, we host an interactive advocacy training that is specifically geared towards individuals who want to do their part in the fight against climate change, but aren’t familiar with the local issues or aren’t sure where to get started. 

The programming includes how to talk about climate science (with an emphasis on issues here in Napa), how to speak to elected officials, actions you can take, as well as lunch and a networking happy hour.   

If you’ve been wanting to find a way to assist in the global fight for climate solutions, we will give you the skills you need to talk about climate change in your community, generate action in our local government, and inspire action in others. You’ll meet climate scientists, local elected leaders, and some of your neighbors!

Attendance is free, but all participants who wish to join us must complete our application form.  

    NOTE:     Should  social distancing prevent our meeting in person, trainings will be moved to an online format…


    350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer