As the second week ends of protests and continued police violence, we at Napa Climate NOW! want to express our solidarity with people around the world demanding justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other black lives lost or devastated due to systemic racism, police brutality, and a culture of white privilege. We are angry, deeply saddened, and will not remain silent. Black lives matter!

Napa Climate Now! formed around the issue of climate change. We saw a looming threat and wanted to do what we could to urgently respond to this huge, existential challenge – for our families, our communities, and our living planet. We have learned in our work that, when it comes to the sweeping impacts of climate change, those in black and other communities of color are disproportionately affected and their lives painfully and permanently altered. The connection between the climate movement and that of the movement for racial justice is deep. Building a better future for our global community can only happen if we fight for the health, safety, opportunity, and basic human rights of all people. The events of recent days have served as a stark reminder that in order to achieve climate stability, we must work for social and racial justice, equity and inclusion.

We are actively asking ourselves how we can be better allies to black and other minority communities locally and in the Bay Area. We are committed to finding and supporting diverse voices to advocate for their communities, and to add these voices to our leadership this year. Last year we adopted the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing and committed to JEDI principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Our work to rapidly turn the tide on climate change and restore a sustainable climate is an effort built on hope – an optimism that we can do better than we are today and a faith in one another to get there.  We will grieve together, and we will also act together. We want to hear from you on how we can build a healthier, more sustainable, and more inclusive future together. 

Yours in solidarity,
Napa Climate NOW!