Volunteer Coordinator


The goal of this position is to coordinate the effort to grow and support on-boarding and volunteer coordination within Napa Climate NOW!, with a strong commitment to being inclusive and welcoming to all members of our Napa community.

Position Scope:

  • To provide support to the on-going growing and fine-tuning of Napa Climate NOW!’s bi-annual Climate Advocacy Training
  • To coordinate our mentorship program and continue to develop our capacity to get new members quickly connected with issue team or committee leaders and right into action.
  • To work on creating a clear channel for moving potential volunteers from the website and sign-up sheets into our system.
  • Regularly reaching out to Issue Team and Committee leaders to learn of new volunteer job opportunities and provide support and training to constantly improve our organizational capacity to on-board new volunteers and nurture and support established volunteers.
  • Establish and maintain a database of NCN! Volunteers
  • Regularly assign projects to volunteers in a balanced fashion.
  • Volunteer support-check in with each volunteer on an annual basis
  • Organize an annual volunteer appreciation event

We estimate that the position will require 2-4 hours a week in the initial phase, eventually reducing to 1-2 hours per week.


To apply, please send resumé to Dave Kearney-Brown. 


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