Climate Activist Resources

A Primer on Climate Science

This video provides an overview of the climate science and points towards some solutions for leaders and individuals. 

How to Talk to Elected Leaders and INfluencers

This fireside talk with Bernie Narviez and Scott Sedgely provides some guidelines to activists who want to meet with elected leaders or influential figures in your community. 

a Primer on Personal Actions

This video tutorial provides an overview of individual actions you can take in your life to become a model for others. 

How to Take Action

This session  provides guidance on how to maximize your impact by scaling your actions to your specific community and maximizing the value of your personal choices. 


Download the deck associated with this presentation.

How to Take Action Presentation

Download the deck associated with this presentation.

The Impacts of Climate Change

Recording of EDF Senior Climate Scientist and Streisand Chair of Environmental Science Ilissa Ocko providing a primer on the latest climate science and its real-time impacts.

Budget Conscious Climate Action Deck

This presentation details budget-conscious climate action for cities and municipalities. 

This recording of a Countywide Climate Action Committee Meeting details the budget conscious actions cities, towns and municipalities can take to meet climate targets.

Take Action Right Now

Find suggestions on actions that you can take as well as a link to local issues that require your attention right now!

The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020

Access the entire on-demand library of resources from the Sustainable Innovation Forum in 2020. 

Five Minute Flash Talk

This short (five minute) presentation gives an overview of how to expand the scope of the drawdown.

The Role of RCDs in Tackling Climate Change

Learn more about the mix of approaches necessary to address the climate crisis in this powerpoint presentation.

All about Sustainable AG

Check out this informative and encouraging presentation on Healthy Soils by Mary Chambers, chair of Sierra Club’s Sustainable Ag Committee.