January 6 Candlelight Vigil for Democracy

January 6 was a violent and deadly attack against all Americans – against our country, our democracy, and our freedom as voters to choose the leaders that represent us so that we have a government of, by, and for the people. One year later, the same faction that attacked our country on January 6th is […]

2021 Napa Climate NOW Annual Retreat

We are planning to hold the annual Napa Climate NOW! retreat on Saturday, January 8, from 9am-12noon via zoom.  It will be followed by the Celebration of the 2021 Climate Champions at noon (also via zoom). We hope you will be able to attend and serve as leaders in our breakout rooms. To register go to: […]

2021 January Steering Committee Meeting

Napa Climate NOW! meets to discuss strategy and overall progress. If you're interested in attending, contact Lynne Baker at lbaker.rnms@gmail.com for zoom invite.

Register to Attend the Draft General Plan Virtual Kickoff Meeting!

Join us on Wednesday, February 16th at 5:30pm for the release of the Draft General Plan! The webinar, led by the project team, will kick-off the public review period of the Draft General Plan. The Public Review and Comment Period will provide an opportunity for the public to learn more about the Draft General Plan […]

Napa Climate NOW! March Meeting

Join us to learn about what we're working on and learn more about climate change. Meet up this Wednesday, March 16th on Zoom! First time using Zoom? Download these helpful Zoom instructions for participants.  Experiencing technical difficulties during the meeting? Troubleshoot your issues at Zoom's support page.

Napa City Planning Commission – People at the Podium

City Hall Council Chambers 955 School Street, Napa

Make your voice heard and help us bring “people to the podium” (or just in the room!) See the Agenda here Speak in person or send in comments to planningcommission@cityofnapa.org for Item 8. A. Draft General Plan—see Talking Points below Let Bayard (bayard@bayardfoxselections.com ) know if you plan to attend the meeting and if you want […]

Joint Meeting of Napa City Council and Planning Commission

City Hall Council Chambers 955 School Street, Napa

The Agenda will be posted here Join us in person or send in comments to clerk@cityofnapa.org, list the Agenda Item you are commenting on, and ask that the comment be sent to the City Councilmembers and the Planning Commissioners Let Chris (christinabbenz@gmail.com ) know if you plan to attend the meeting and if you want to comment

Soil is the Solution – Digging Deep Into Soil Regeneration

This program, created by the UC Master Gardeners of Napa County,  will focus on soil, its relationship to climate change, and how you can enrich your soil to produce healthier plants.  New scientific research is showing how we can regenerate our garden and agricultural soil to produce healthier plants. Actions you take in your own […]